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Addition of balconies

Asset improvement? Expansion of the living area? Or just reading a newspaper in the balcony on a Saturday morning? These are no longer a distant dream. We would like to introduce the easy, quick, high-quality and most cost-effective way currently available to make any dream come true and increase the value of your apartment! Addition of a balcony to your apartment, that can be adapted to any building, in compliance with the strictest standards and, most importantly, it takes only a week and a half of work in the field.

In a reality where many municipalities prevent expansions under National Outline Plan 38 due to congestion considerations, you can easily renovate your building façade and add a 12 sq-m sun balcony! It should be noted the addition of a balcony of up to 12 sq-m requires the approval of the local committee, yet in most cases, such an approval is indeed obtained.

Many municipalities, and also the Association for Housing Culture, offer loans with no linkage and no fees for up to 20 years, included in the monthly municipal tax payment – all in order to avoid unnecessary expansions that increase the burden on the local authorities. Modular balconies built by the unique technique of the Isramarin Company can be the solution for you!

So why build balconies with Isramarin:

  • Less dirt and waste: unlike the regular balcony building process (balcony addition),  the Isramarin has a huge plant where the balconies are built in advance, and then transported to the site and installed in place.
  • Short lead times – the construction at the site takes only a week and a half.
  • Easy process – all stages are handled under the same roof, from the first stage until the completion of project, including approvals from the local committee, construction engineer, safety consultant etc.
  • Financial saving – saving of more than 25% in the construction costs vs. traditional construction methods.
  • Warranty – by the law. For more details.... 

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