Container housing in Israel

Know exactly how you want your house to look, but the costs are impossible?

When building a container house

You save a lot of money on building the frame of the house, and can invest it in the design of the house! Drywall is used for the interior of a container house, the exterior can be coated in any way you want (stone, paint, skim coat etc.)! You decide on the size of the space, construction style (patio, two-storey etc.), there is no limitation in terms of design – all the plans for your dream house – in less than one year!

Here are 4 reasons to build a container house

Environmental: until now unused containers were sunk, or left to rot in harbours. Building a container house saves damage to the sea, and also to the environment due to minimum use of construction materials for the house infrastructure.

A house with more than one floor? Possible! Maritime containers are designed in a way that they can move one above another, so when building a container house you can put as many containers as you want on each other and connect between them with stairways.

Saving time! The frame of the house comes ready in the container. Conversion of the structure to be suitable for residence is already done in the factory, so all that is left is to assemble the containers into a house. There is no waiting for construction material or depending on the weather. In three months you have the keys!

Did you choose to move? Lift the house and take it with you!


 Isramarin – container housing

When building a container house it is also important to remember:

Only at Isramarin – highest quality container housing. Focus on insulation and ventilation to make it possible to regulate the temperature in the container.

Work with high quality and habitable containers.

Isramarin has 40 years of experience in building container houses. You can design your container house however you want, or you can order one of the models designed in advance by us.

The basic structures include:

• Insulated drywall inner cladding

• Drywall ceiling

• PVC or ceramic flooring

• “Klil 1920” windows

• Metal outside door

• Wooden “Decoral” inner doors

• Electricity: including electrical panel, lights and sockets

• Ceramic bathroom and restroom

• Outer finishing with stucco and colour

• The roof is made of “Iskorit” and includes water slides

Leading for already 40 years the easy construction in Israel.

You have land and want to build your dream house? Want to add a housing unit for the kid?

Contact us – now!

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