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Mobile homes and special projects

The company “Isramarin structure productions 3000 ltd” specializes in manufacturing mobile homes for offices and special projects that require unique planning of structure, content and specifications, and project shell.

The company specializes in building mobile homes for offices, portable buildings including residential, high specification sales offices and appropriate architectural design that emphasizes the planning innovation and designing that the customer wishes to emphasize.

Isramarin has a longstanding expertise in the design and implementation of major projects of mobile homes in the country and abroad, including project shell, management and supervision, infrastructures and systems as a comprehensive response and solution for the customer – Turn-Key Projects.

Our company is one of the leading companies in easy construction and mobile homes, and advanced and industrialized construction methods. Our company has developed over the years unique construction technologies that have made a name for itself and a global industry standard.

Mobile homes Isramarin company

Our company is active in the field for many years, among our clients are the best institutions and companies in the Israeli and global market, the company produces residential mobile homes, offices etc.

With emphasis on small details, high finishing level and according to the customer’s needs.

Among our projects can be named: classrooms, kindergartens, synagogues, ritual baths, kitchens, dining rooms, communication electrical installations, offices, villas, private one-story and two-story houses, gyms and many more.

Our offices are located in Ashdod, we will be glad to assist you at any question.

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