Modular Constructions Israel

What is modular construction?

Modular houses and buildings are like the hybrid cars of the building industry. They save a lot of money and make sense. Sometimes they can also not be distinguished from the conventionally built houses.

Our modular houses start in the factory, therefor they can be produced under much more monitoring than those in construction sites. In fact, our houses are built efficiently and saving about 15% rather than conventionally built sites. The house comes about 80-90% complete when we provide it in big modules to your site.

Advanced modular construction

Techniques relating to prefabrication enable the following:

• More controlled conditions for working in every weather, quality control, improved supervision on the work.

• Easy material deliveries, access to tools.

• Reduced environmental impacts at the work site due to reduction in material waste.

• Water and air pollution, dust and noise, overall energy costs, although prefabrication related to technology may also incur higher transport and energy costs outside the site.

In construction sites

• Tight project schedules are resulting from sequences, whereas assembling components in the factory allow parallel pouring of foundations in the construction site.

• Timed team scheduling and management, coordination of activities during the work process.

• Reduced storage requirements in the construction site, and reducing transportation expenses for missing materials.

• Increased safety at work by performing most of the work at the factory, reduced exposure to weather and extreme temperatures.

• Better working conditions such as building roof components on the ground and lifting them to their high place and not building them fully on the roof.

Techniques of advanced prefabrication are commonly used in industrial construction and projects, but they are also used in commercial projects and infrastructures.

Isramarin company is prepared to carry out projects from the planning stage through development, construction, site positioning, and connection to infrastructure (water, electricity, sewage, etc.) until receiving the key.

Modular homes are not mobile homes

The house is assembled, attached and complete including drywalls, flooring, cabinets, plumbing, electricity and finishing.

There is almost nothing that cannot be done with a modular house. Modern modular houses can be built in the appearance of a traditional house with a tiled roof or the most contemporary style.

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